Boots On The Ground Conservation


  • Banning the world's best herbicide

    Roundup, the world’s safest, cheapest and most effective weedkiller, may be illegal within days in Europe. Yet almost everybody agrees that glyphosate is safe: the European Food Safety Authority, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organisation, our government (United Kingdom). Even at absurdly high concentrations, lab tests show it is a tenth as carcinogenic as coffee.

    The city of Petaluma in California recently stopped using Roundup in parks and school grounds. The result was a 1,700 per cent increase in the cost of weed control, and a new requirement for operators to wear respirators (unnecessary with Roundup, which is less toxic than vinegar) while spraying with the far more toxic organic alternatives.

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  • Humans evolved in grasslands

    Credit: Kevin Krajick/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
    Humans are believed to have evolved in east Africa, as the landscape changed from forest to grassland. Here, children cross the Turkwel River in northern Kenya, where many key fossils have been found.

    Buried deep in seabed sediments off east Africa, scientists have uncovered a 24-million-year record of vegetation trends in the region where humans evolved. The authors say the record lends weight to the idea that we developed key traits--flexible diets, large brains, complex social structures and the ability to walk and run on two legs--while adapting to the spread of open grasslands.

  • The Seed Collection Season is Under Way

    NIPE 2016 Seed Picking Schedule

    Date - Place - Start

    8-2 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    8-4 (Th) Gateway Park 9 am
    8-8 (M) Wapello Reserve 9 am
    8-9 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    8-12 (F) Hanley Savanna 9 am
    8-15 (M) Lonetree 9 am
    8-16 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    8-19 (F) Hanley Savanna 9 am
    8-22 (M) Wapello Reserve 9 am
    8-23 (Tu) Hanley Savanna 9 am
    8-25 (Th) Gateway Park 9 am
    8-30 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    8-31 (W) Wapello 9 am


    9-2 (F) Hanley Savanna 9 am
    9-6 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    9-8 (Th) Gateway Park 9 am
    9-9 (F) Hanley Savanna 9 am
    9-12 (M) Lonetree/Twin Ponds 9 am
    9-13 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    9-15 (Th) Gateway Park 9 am
    9-16 (F) Wapello Reserve 9 am
    9-19 (M) Hanley Savanna 9 am
    9-20 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    9-21 (W) Lonetree Farm 9 am
    9-22 (Th) Gateway Park 9 am
    9-24 (Sa) Lonetree Farm 9 am
    9-26 (M) Hanley Savanna 9 am
    9-28 (W) Wapello Reserve 9 am
    9-30 (F) Hanley Savanna 9 am

    10-3 (M) Stewardship Park 9 am
    10-4 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    10-6 (Th) Gateway Park 9 am
    10-10 (M) LT, TB, Elmo & TP 9 am
    10-11 (Tu) Casper Bluff 9 am
    10-14 (F) Hanley Savanna 9 am

    October 15 through 30


    Picking Updates

    General Info: You will receive instructions on what to pick. Sessions generally last 3 hours. You are welcome to leave at any time. It is very useful for you to arrive on time, so you will not need to search for us in the field. Attire: Sturdy shoes, long sleeves, long pants, a wide-brim hat, and gardening gloves. Bring: Sun screen, bug repellent, and a bottle of water. Bring your own clippers and picking bag if you have them.

    Picking Updates

    Dates and location will change due to weather conditions. To be kept informed all season long, join our email list by sending an email to Laura. Call Laura (815-947-2720/ 815-541-8958) or Barb (815-275-5175) for further information.