Boots On The Ground Conservation


  • Firebreak Tech

    Using a Terex P110 skid loader with a Fecon flail brush head to open up an old fire break is fast work. Below is the photo before the work began:

    Here is the site 30 minutes later:

    Done by hand with a chainsaw, this work would take several days. Brush mowers do really quick work. But follow up is important.  Next May, spray the sprouting brush with a basal bark herbicide mix. The oil-based herbicide sprayed directly down on the sprouts is very effective.

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  • The Demise of the Sahara Grasslands

    As little as 6,000 years ago, the Sahara Desert was covered with grass.Then shifts in the world's weather patterns transformed the region into some of the driest land on Earth. Scientists are now trying to find out why.


  • NIPE Prairie Seed Sale

    This year’s seed harvest was indeed bountiful. We have lots of seed available for you to use in your own conservation projects. From gardens to restorations, we’ve got you covered.

    The NIPE Pollinator Mix is designed for attracting butterflies, bees, and moths. It includes 58 species of native wildflowers and is very floriferous. The NIPE Dry-Mesic Mix is designed for creating or enhancing small prairie restorations. It includes 71 species of native grasses, sedges and wildflowers and includes all you need.

    Both mixes are available now, for $28 per bag. To order, just send an email to Both mixes are available in 1.5 pound bags which contain enough seed to sow 1,000 square feet. The bags come with recommended instructions and contact information if you have questions.

    Also, you can order NIPE T-shirts and aprons by email or online here.