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  • Agalinis, Not Agalinus

    Large-yellow false-foxglove

    Often called "false foxgloves" (which is true but irrelevant) the Agalinus species are variously bold, rare and rather unknown. I prefer the name "bellflax" which is a direct translation of the genus name.

    You can read all about Agalinus in southeast Wisconsin, here...

  • The 2017 Winter Conference

    Come to beautiful Galena, Illinois, for this annual celebration of prairies and savannas. Landowners, volunteers, educators, students, scientists and professionals will share information and ideas, so that everyone in attendance will come away enthused, inspired, and better equipped to keep the future bright for habitat conservation and preservation. The conference highlights include:

    ♦ A variety of sessions for participants to learn the basics or expand your knowledge in specific areas covering land management, grassland restoration, and prairie fauna.
    ♦ The chance to share your ideas and concerns about the challenges facing land managers now
    and in the future.
    ♦ Panel discussions focused on moving forward through partnerships, non-traditional liaisons, and volunteer recruitment.
    ♦  Jeff Walk of The Nature Conservancy will discuss how climate change has and will affect habitat preservation.

    ♦ Bob Palmer of Effigy Mounds National Monument will look back at some of America’s most important conservationists and how we can learn from them to positively affect our future.
    ♦ Come meet new people with similar passions and renew connections with colleagues.
    ♦ Enjoy social time which will include a concert by talented local musicians — and if you are musically inclined, bring your instrument and jam with them!
    ♦ Come for aSunday field trip, hosted by the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation, to see bald eagles, a rare prairie, and other unique features of Northwest Illinois.

    You can find all the conference details here, register for the conference by mail here or register online here. The registration deadline is February 22, 2017.

  • Hugh Iltis

    Long-time TPE member Hugh Iltis passed away on December 19. Dr. Iltis, a passionate and outspoken advocate for preservation of the natural world, was 91 years old. God speed Dr Iltis, and thank you.

  • The Task At Hand

    Their names are not well known. Frederick Dupree saved nine calves on his ranch near the Moreau River, in South Dakota. Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight built a herd in the Texas Panhandle. In the spring of 1873, Walking Coyote, a member of the Pend d’Oreille tribe, captured four buffalo calves while hunting near the Milk River in northern Montana, and by 1884 had grown his herd to thirteen head. South Dakota rancher Scottie Phillip and Charles Jones — the founder of Garden City, Kansas, and the first game warden at Yellowstone National Park — also rounded up remnant herds.

    You can find the whole story here...

  • Firebreak Tech

    Using a Terex P110 skid loader with a Fecon flail brush head to open up an old fire break is fast work. Below is the photo before the work began:

    Here is the site 30 minutes later: